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Best Paths: Innovating grid technologies for sustainable energy

Madrid, Spain


Major development of the European grid infrastructure is critical not only to bringing renewable-generated electricity from far away generation sites to consumers, but also maintaining secure and sustainable power system.


With nearly 40 leading organisations from research, industry, utilities, and transmission system operators, the EU-funded Best Paths project aims to develop novel network technologies to increase pan-European transmission network capacity and electricity system flexibility. The project seeks to validate the technical feasibility, costs, impacts and benefits of the tested grid technologies through five large-scale demonstrations.


Best Paths’ experts organised the workshop “Best Paths: Innovating grid technologies for sustainable energy” on 22nd November 2017  ​in Madrid (Spain) to share experiences and present the latest developments in the state-of-the-art technologies for electricity grids.


Industry professionals, policy stakeholders, renewables sector players, and citizens can engage in dialogue on innovative technologies that will allow to anticipate the future transmission network needs in line with the long term European decarbonisation goals.


Where: Hotel Petit Palace President Castellana - Marqués de Villamagna 4, 28001 Madrid (Spain)


When: 22 November 2017 from 8.30 to 15.00


Agenda: Have a look at the final programme


Report, PPT presentations & Press release

Have a look at a detailed report on the event, the PPT presentations, and at the press release of the event.


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