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HVDC technology and HVDC grids

Leuven, Belgium

The course is based on the book “HVDC Grids: For Offshore and Supergrid of the Future”, edited by the course coordinators.


In the past years, development of DC transmission has gained significant momentum as a result of two key drivers. Firstly, the development of modern conversion technology (voltage source converter) and secondly, the need for transmission of offshore wind power. Plans for the interconnection of multiple renewable power sources, loads and AC grids through DC technologies are leading to an exciting transmission concept: HVDC grids. HVDC grids and supergrids have sparked so much interest that researchers and engineers across the globe are talking about them, studying them, supporting or questioning them. The main motivation of this course is to present a complete picture of HVDC grid technologies by collecting and summarizing recent technological advances, academic research development and engineering applications.



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