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Join our Demo 3 Special Workshop – Upgrading Multi-terminal HVDC interconnectors
18 April 2018 – Italian Transmission System Operator TERNA is organising the third Special Workshop of the EU funded Best Paths project. The workshop will present novel technological solutions to upgrade multi-terminal HVDC links.   The innovations are being developed within the Demonstration...
Novel technologies to repower extra-high voltage electricity lines unveiled in Budapest
Budapest, 6 April 2018 – Yesterday major players in the electricity sector unveiled pioneering technologies to repower and improve the design, operation and maintenance of existing high voltage power lines. The breakthroughs were presented at an international workshop in Budapest, organised by...
“Compacting” electricity lines
26 March 2018 - Huge electric pylons are visually intrusive. Will the solution be slimmer pylons or underground lines? We asked electricity grid expert Matthias Müller-Mienack     Often in the countryside, but also near cities, we come across electric power lines with huge pylons, real...
How supergrids can support the integration of renewable energy
26 February 2018 - One of the main problems with the transition from fossil fuels to renewable electricity is the unreliability of the supply. However, this can be tackled by pioneering technologies for storing energy and upgrading grids.   In the past, most electricity grids were mainly based...
Join our Demo 4 Special Workshop: Innovative repowering of AC corridors
15 February 2018 - The EU funded Best Paths project is organising a Special Workshop on 5 April 2018 in Budapest to feature the work undertaken within the project’s 4th  demonstration: Innovative Repowering of AC corridors.   While the project approaches its final phase, the experts of Demo...
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