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Households poised to become energy dealers
15 January 2018 - A more flexible grid will give room to more market players trading renewables. It can also lead to a more fair price for the electricity.   Households and small businesses using independent power systems, or microgrids, still find it hard to cope without their national...
The report on “Innovating grid technologies for sustainable energy” workshop is out!
21 December 2017 - Following the first two editions in 2015 in Paris and 2016 in Berlin, the third dissemination workshop of the EU-funded Best Paths project took place on 22 November 2017 in Madrid (Spain). The workshop was titled “Innovating grid technologies for sustainable energy”. It was...
Best Paths discusses the future of the European energy grid
Madrid, 23rd November 2017 – The workshop on “Innovating grid technologies for sustainable energy”, held on 22nd November in Madrid, gave an overview of the future of the European power grid. The workshop was hosted by Red Electrica de España  and Iberdrola in the framework of BEST PATHS,...
State-of-the-art demonstrator to simulate the grid integration of offshore wind
7 November 2017 - To feed Europe’s electricity hunger with more renewable energy, wind developers will have to go farther away from shore, where wind speeds are higher and steadier. Electricity will have to run longer distances to bring offshore energy production to consumers. But an important...
Renewable Power Generation Conference – Best Paths goes to China
23 October 2017 – Wind energy is covering around 5% of the annual electricity needs in the United Kingdom and it is expected to reach 10% by 2020. Its increasing contribution to power generation makes it more urgent than ever to use the full potential of remote offshore wind farms. The most...
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NextGen SCADA Europe 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Grids meet Renewables
Brussels, Belgium