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Demonstrator for offshore wind integration at world’s largest offshore wind energy gathering
8 June 2017, London - Offshore wind is becoming more and more vital for the energy transition in the European Union, which aims to have completely carbon-free electricity by 2050. Wind energy is estimated to become the most widely adopted renewable energy by then. But for this to happen,...
Best Paths new demonstrator for real-time simulation of large offshore wind farms grid integration unveiled in Trondheim
11 May 2017, Trondheim - Sharing solutions to better integrate renewable energies into the European electricity grid and make it more reliable is the aim of the Best Paths partners, who gathered in Trondheim (Norway) on 11 May to present the first results of the project to over 50 experts from the...
Best Paths new conductor car awarded Best Innovation at ICOLIM 2017
3 May 2017 - As the European grid infrastructure is ageing, innovative technological solutions for live maintenance and power lines’ upgrade will be needed in the coming years to refurbish the current electricity network. To address this challenge, Best Paths experts have been invited to present...
Powering the future: could Europe go dark?
Brussels, 26 April 2017 - A recent night-time blackout in the de-facto European capital of Brussels raised questions about the robustness of our energy supplies. The power production sector is facing changing demands, while also coming under huge pressure to integrate more renewable sources. So,...
Best Paths toolbox for HVDC connection of offshore wind farms featured in Venice
Best Paths’ partners showed the latest developments of the project at the HVDC International Workshop held in Venice from 28 to 30 March 2017. Best Paths’ partners presented the open access Simulation Toolbox of the project that simulates how to connect offshore wind farms to the electricity...
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