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Best Paths toolbox for HVDC connection of offshore wind farms featured in Venice

Best Paths’ partners showed the latest developments of the project at the HVDC International Workshop held in Venice from 28 to 30 March 2017. Best Paths’ partners presented the open access Simulation Toolbox of the project that simulates how to connect offshore wind farms to the electricity grid. The new toolbox provides accurate simulations allowing wind developers to increase reliability and reduce risks related to the grid integration of offshore wind farms using HVDC links. The presentations sparked a lot of attention at the workshop thanks to the innovative findings of the project.


Dr Carlos E Ugalde-Loo, Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University, said at the Workshop “Our Best Paths cutting-edge Simulation Tool will allow larger flexibility and capability of the electricity network to integrate renewable energies. This enhancement of the grid will concretely lead to the possibility to achieve a bigger share of renewable energies in Europe’s energy mix by 2020.”


The Simulation Toolbox is specially geared towards offshore wind farms using multi terminal direct current (MTDC) grids. In this toolbox, users will find all necessary building blocks of the electrical components and their initialisation scripts, ready to be used to formulate applicable systems for offshore integration with MTDC networks. The resources provided in the toolbox were designed to be uploaded on the MATLAB programming platform, where stakeholders will be able to carry out complex simulation studies.


Since its publication, over 30 researchers and wind developers from Europe and beyond have already started using the toolbox for testing and research purposes.


You can download here the Best Paths Simulation Toolbox and the user manual detailing the construction process of three simulation models provided in the toolbox.


You can also download the presentations of Best Paths’ partners during the Workshop:

  1. Dr Andrea Pitto (RSE, Demo 1): Control of HVDC grid converters and offshore wind farms for the provision of ancillary services and Grid Code compliance
  2. Dr Olivier Despouys (RTE, Demo 2): Converter interoperability in multi-vendor HVDC-VSC systems
  3. Mr Íñigo Azpiri and Dr Carlos Ugalde (Iberdrola and Cardiff University, Demo 1): HVDC grids and offshore wind farms: ongoing contribution from BEST PATHS Demo 1
  4. Dr Diego Cirio (RSE, Demo 3): Multi-terminal HVDC operation in a weakly interconnected system: results from BEST PATHS Demo 3.