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Best Paths papers score high for Venice HVDC Workshop

Best Paths experts from the first, second and third demonstrations have each been selected to present a paper at the HVDC International workshop to be held from 28 to 30 March in Venice. The three papers will be presented on 30 March between 9.00 and 12.00, during the session dedicated to HVDC grid operators. At this occasion, Demo 1 partner will report on their interim results regarding the connection of offshore wind farms with HVDC links while partners from Demo 2 will focus on converter interoperability. In addition, the new technological solutions developed in the framework of the third demonstration to upgrade multi-terminal HVDC links will be introduced.


The papers to be presented by Best Paths partners are the following:

- Demo 1: "HVDC grids and offshore wind farms: ongoing contribution from BEST PATHS Demo 1", Azpiri Irazabal - Iberdrola, C.E. Ugalde-Loo - Cardiff University

- Demo 2: "Converter interoperability in multi-vendor HVDC-VSC systems", O. Despouys - RTE

- Demo 3: "Multi-terminal HVDC operation in a weakly inter-connected system: results from Best Paths Demo 3", D. Cirio, A. Iaria, A. Pitto - RSE


The workshop is organised by CIGRE, the International Council on Large Electric Systems and will cover the following topics:
• HVDC operational experience.
• Outlook of HVDC projects planned and at design or construction stage.
• Latest (ongoing) and next coming developments in HVDC technology (converter stations, cables, overhead lines).
• Market perspective


Qualified representatives of TSOs, Research companies, Manufacturers, Engineering consulting firms, will present their experience and the results of their research about future HVDC applications. Participation of international representatives of electrical and electromechanical industries, consultants and research centres is welcome.


For more information on the workshop, you can visit the event webpage and download the programme or click here to register.