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Renewable Power Generation Conference – Best Paths goes to China

23 October 2017 – Wind energy is covering around 5% of the annual electricity needs in the United Kingdom and it is expected to reach 10% by 2020. Its increasing contribution to power generation makes it more urgent than ever to use the full potential of remote offshore wind farms.

The most efficient way to transport electricity over long distances – and therefore to connect offshore wind – is using High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), which is particularly suitable for subsea transmission.


Partners of the Best Paths project are investigating the electrical interactions between the HVDC converters and the wind turbine converters, to eventually de-risk the use of HVDC when connecting offshore wind farms to the electric grid. One of the key results is the development of an open-access simulation toolbox and a laboratory-scale demonstrator for the integration of offshore wind farms using Multi-Terminal High Voltage Direct Current grids.


Dr Sheng Wang from Cardiff University presented the simulation toolbox at the 2017 International Conference on Renewable Power Generation last week in Wuhan, China.

The Conference provides a forum for the latest research in renewable power generation technology and the development of renewable energy sources including wind and photovoltaic technologies, energy storage for renewable sources, power systems integration, as well as policy and market options for power system flexibility.


The toolbox sparked the interest of the academia and the industry representatives attending the Conference, as they believe the toolbox could give an important contribution to better integrating renewables in the national energy mix.


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