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The BEST PATHS project will help to overcome the challenges of integrating renewable energies into Europe’s energy mix.

With nearly 40 leading organisations from research, industry, utilities, and transmission systems operators, the project aims to develop novel network technologies to increase the pan-European transmission network capacity and electricity system flexibility.

Latest News
State-of-the-art demonstrator to simulate the grid integration of offshore wind
7 November 2017 - To feed Europe’s electricity hunger with more renewable energy, wind developers will have to go farther away from shore, where wind speeds are higher and steadier. Electricity will have to run longer distances to bring offshore...
Renewable Power Generation Conference – Best Paths goes to China
23 October 2017 – Wind energy is covering around 5% of the annual electricity needs in the United Kingdom and it is expected to reach 10% by 2020. Its increasing contribution to power generation makes it more urgent than ever to use the full...
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